Corrugated Box Manufacturers, Fort Wayne, IN

StandFast Group is Fort Wayne’s premiere corrugated box manufacturers, specializing in corrugated materials and products. Our commitment to high quality, long lasting products is clear when you choose us for your corrugated displays, boxes and other retail products. With our state of the art equipment and consistently testing new methods of development, we ensure our products are top quality before they’re even produced. We’re proud to have machines in like an in-house corrugator to make sure that your Fort Wayne corrugated boxes are developed to your exact specifications.

Our Products

Here at StandFast Group, we focus on four specific types of products to ensure we can provide each and every customer with the highest quality product. These four product types include:


Corrugated materials is the foundation of everything we do, from boxes to displays and more. Our manufacturing plant has an in-house machine doing the corrugation to ensure top quality.

Retail Packaging

Retail display packaging attracts customers and keeps brand awareness high, from immediate purchase to when being stored in the homes of customers.

Shelf Ready

Shelf ready packing allows your products to be ready to be displayed from the minute it arrives at its retail point. Additionally, this is a fantastic method to ensure display consistency throughout retail stores.

POP Displays

Point of Purchase (POP) displays encourage impulse purchases for customers, and leave a lasting impression as one of the last brands a shopper will come in contact with.

The StandFast Group Difference

StandFast Group prides itself on standing out from the crowd, and providing customers with products that change the way they think of corrugated cardboard displays and retail materials. High quality, eye catching Fort Wayne corrugated boxes can truly make the difference and decision for customers considering a purchase.

See the true value in quality retail materials with StandFast Group! Contact us today to learn more about our products or begin your order today.