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Our philosophy is to hire talented, ethical people, then give them the tools and resources to succeed. At StandFast you’ll find people with retail experience on the factory floor, a former social worker in the manager’s chair and people with experience in a variety of other industries in the executive suite. The common thread? Character.

We Empower Our People

Because we are highly selective and spend a long time in the hiring process, we invest in our employees, with time, resources, skill development, leadership training and support. Everyone at every level is encouraged to take the lead on their team, make independent decisions and suggest ways to improve their processes. We ask them to be thought leaders and hands-on decison-makers. For example, we rely upon the employees on the factory floor to help us choose vendors. They know first-hand which glue works best with our newest machine or which grade of corrugated provides the most robust product for our customers. We have found that this level of engagement and accountability by every single person at StandFast results in an organization that is engaged and accountable to our customers.

We Work With Passion

Are you ready to grow your career and yourself? Do you want to look forward to workdays, not just weekends? Is it important for you to share ideas, not complaints, with your co-workers? Consider joining the StandFast team.


We are always on the lookout for candidates to fill the positions below.

  • Customer Service Reps
  • Designers
  • Forklift Drivers
  • Machine Helpers/General Labor
  • Machine Operators
  • Sales Reps

We are always looking for motivated and resourceful people to join our team. As you browse our website, you will find StandFast to be a dynamic place to build a career.

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vetshieldStandFast Packaging has made a conscious decision to hire and retain Veterans and transitioning Guardsmen and Reservists. StandFast understands that leveraging these proven men and women will improve our business performance through improved workforce productivity and the re-capitalization of our workforce with Veterans.

StandFast supports Veterans because we believe one of the greatest forms of respect and reward we can give Veterans is to integrate them into the non-military workforce by providing them with meaningful employment and an opportunity to grow.

StandFast has invested in learning the value of our Veterans to our business and share the morals and work ethics of our former service men and women. We welcome the innovation, strength and leadership Veterans will bring to our Team.

StandFast is proudly a Vet-Strong employer.
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